When to See a Jeweler

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When to See a Jeweler

When to See a Jeweler

Think of all the things you do to take care of your car. You wash it, you change the oil, change the air filters, and more. Maybe you do it yourself, or maybe you bring it into a shop for routine maintenance.

How long have you owned your car? How long do you plan to own it? In contrast, how do you answer those questions for your wedding ring?

It’s time to give your jewelry some of the same love and care.

Your jeweler is your ring’s mechanic and more. He understands the emotional connection you have to your jewelry, and it’s his job to help you preserve that connection for decades. A good jeweler sees your face light up as he hands you a newly cleaned, sparkling diamond ring, and wants to ensure it never has to be consigned to a drawer or jewelry box.

When to See a Jeweler

When to See a Jeweler

Now that you understand that a jeweler is more than just the person you buy a ring or pendant from, when should you bring it in?

Routine Maintenance – Rings and bracelets that get regular wear (particularly wedding and engagement rings) should be brought in about once a year. The jeweler will clean them and can look them over for signs of wear. In particular he will check the quality of the prongs and the shank.

Beaded jewelry that is worn regularly or hung for storage should also be brought in every year or two for restringing.

If you like, we can send you email reminders to bring your jewelry in. Send us an email, or ask for this the next time you bring your jewelry in for maintenance.

When Jewelry Needs Repair

1. The most common problems that need a jeweler’s immediate attention involve the prongs. If your ring feels sharp or starts snagging on your clothes, the prongs need to be tightened.

2. More obvious reasons to see a jeweler are if anything breaks or a stone falls out. Instead of banishing the piece to the jewelry box, bring it in!

3. If you have silver jewelry that has tarnished, we can clean and polish it for a nominal fee. We’ll also send you home with a baggie and anti-tarnish tab for storing your jewelry.

4. Get your jewelry sized before it’s too late. If you ring is really easy to take off or too hard to get over knuckle, it’s time. We don’t want you to lose it or have to cut off.

Overall, when in doubt, talk to your jeweler. He’s there to answer your questions and keep your jewelry looking like the day you bought it.

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