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About Us

My pieces are elegant and wearable. I take pride in good design and quality craftsmanship.

William has been training and working with jewelry for over 10 years, and has extensive experience with custom fabrication, jewelry repair, and lapidary (working with gemstones).

William has been working with metal since he was 12 years old, making jewelry since he was 15, and working as a bench jeweler since he was 20. He has received intensive technical training at Revere Academy in San Fransisco as well as broad training in theory and practice at the Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz in Germany. William was initially trained on-the-job as a lapidarist. Later on, experimentation and creative freedom in the workshop allowed him to develop his skill in the intricate art of filigree.

When he’s not creating his latest design, William enjoys expanding his skills and testing his creativity in a variety of mediums, particularly pottery, wood, and iron. Outside of the workshop, he spends his time singing in choir and experiencing the varied landscape of Minnesota, where he is a life-long resident with his wife and son.

More than a jewelry store. More than an art gallery.

Pronounced “fah-ber meh-tal-li,” we are a locally and family owned full-service jewelry store. Faber Metalli is Latin for “craftsman of metals.”

As soon as you walk in, you will see that we are not your typical jewelry store. We keep our workshop right up front. In the back, you’ll find a seating area with hot beverages and a play area for toddlers. In addition to traditional jewelry, we carry a wide variety of gemstones and we specialize in unique, custom handmade pieces.

So come on in. Have a look around. Make yourself comfortable. We look forward to meeting you. We don’t just sell jewelry. We help you find or create the perfect piece.

Photo Credit: Deb Moldaschel/Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

With over 10 years at the bench, and 6 years in retail jewelry, William has the skills to create or repair whatever you desire.

Continuing Education

William is currently pursuing a Graduate Gemologist degree, learning to identify and grade diamonds and gemstones.

One of a Kind

We pride ourselves on unique, well crafted pieces

Locally Owned

The owner is the same person who repairs your jewelry

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