Sapphire – September Birthstone

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Sapphire – September Birthstone

Chloe is a September baby, so sapphire is a fan favorite around here. The beautiful deep blue of a sapphire attracts more than just those born in September, and it is certainly deserving.

Made of the same mineral as July’s ruby, sapphire not only refers to the gorgeous blues, but also a whole rainbow of colors that corundum comes in. Corundum gemstones that are neither ruby red nor the traditional sapphire blue are known as “fancy-colored sapphires.”

Sapphires are incredibly stable and have a hardness of 9. This makes them a great choice for rings that will be worn every day, including engagement and wedding rings. Sapphire jewelry can be cleaned at home with mild dish soap, or at your local jeweler with the ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

It is very common for sapphire to be heat treated to improve the color. This is a permanent treatment, which has no drawbacks regarding the quality of the stone. Sapphires can be glass filled to improve clarity, which is generally frowned upon and would make the stone much cheaper than a natural sapphire. Your jeweler should disclose any treatments when you buy the stone. This information needs to be passed on to the jeweler who is doing any repair, as a glass-filled sapphire requires special treatment. A third treatment is diffusion, where trace elements are added to enhance color. This is permanent, but will be much less expensive than heat treated or natural sapphires.

In addition to the beautiful sapphires, in a variety of colors, waiting to be made into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, we also have a few unique options in stock:

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