Ruby – July Birthstone

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Ruby – July Birthstone

Did you know that July and September have very similar birthstones?

In fact, they have the exact same chemical structure! Ruby and sapphire are both made up of the mineral corundum. The difference is in trace elements that give ruby its rich red and sapphire its deep blue. July’s birthstone, ruby, gets its color from the element chromium.

Rubies are incredibly stable and have a hardness of 9. This makes them a great choice for rings that will be worn every day. Ruby jewelry can be cleaned at home with mild dish soap, or at your local jeweler with the ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

Common treatments include heat treating and glass filling. Your jeweler should disclose any treatments when you buy the stone. This information needs to be passed on to the jeweler who is doing any repair – certain processes will damage glass filled rubies.

Below you can find all the ruby jewelry we have in stock. We would also love to help create the perfect custom ruby piece for you or your loved one.

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