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Bridal Jewelry at Faber Metali

You love is unique, and your ring should be, too.

An engagement ring should reflect a woman’s personal style and taste. After all, she’ll be wearing it for the rest of her life!

Is a simple solitaire right for you? Do you love all things vintage? Do you want a large diamond, or would you prefer a low-profile ring? Or maybe colored stones are your thing – no one said you have to get a diamond! What’s your favorite color metal? Do you have a large budget or are you very frugal?

There will always be trends in the jewelry industry. There will always be that style of ring people think you “have” to have. There will always be stores where you walk in and everything looks the same. But each ring tells a unique story – your story.

At Faber Metalli, we specialize in custom design. It is not only our job to help you tell your love story with a unique ring, but our purpose. That is why in addition to our custom, handmade jewelry, we are excited to offer the Ever&Ever line of bridal and wedding jewelry.

From the simple to the elaborate, each design can be customized just for you, from the metal to the stone size, shape, and species. If desired, you can also have the ring engraved or select a matching wedding band. When everything is perfect, your ring will be made in Louisiana and it will arrive in Sleepy Eye within two weeks.

However you plan on shopping for an engagement ring (even if it involves leaving notes with us for your future fiance), we are excited to help you write your next chapter.

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