The Story Behind Faber Metalli

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The Story Behind Faber Metalli

Starting a jewelry business is something I have always dreamed of.

I’ve been working with metals since I was 12, and I started taking jewelry classes in high school. My teacher became a mentor to me, and she eventually got me my first job as a bench jeweler. After high school, I continued to pursue additional training in jewelry, completing the jewelry intensive at Revere Academy. After working for 5 years I went back to school, studying gold- and silversmithing in Germany.

I enjoy working with my hands and creating something out of nothing, in any medium. With jewelry in particular, I enjoy the intricacy and the challenge of the work. Making something with great sentimental value, that can also make the wearer feel beautiful, has great appeal. Additionally, I am a very practical person, so wearable designs are a must.

After several years as a bench jeweler, everything fell into place. The timing was finally right, and Faber Metalli was born in Sleepy Eye, MN.

Where did the name Faber Metalli come from?

When you start a business, you need a name. And frankly, my name is terrible for that.

At the time, I was reading The Craftsman magazine, and it had a saying: “Als ik kan” – If I can. I was also touched by the motto of both The Craftsman and The Guild of Metalsmiths: “The Lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.”

I started looking into words and phrases to describe this and my passion for craftsmanship. I looked also into languages I have a connection with – German for my heritage and place of study, and Latin for my interest in history and one of my wife’s majors.

Faber Metalli translates from Latin into “craftsman of metal.” This encompasses my love of creating jewelry as well as my interest in other metalwork, such as silversmithing and blacksmthing.

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