Silicone Wedding Rings – Uses and Benefits

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Silicone Wedding Rings – Uses and Benefits

We are excited to announce that we now sell silicone wedding rings!

There are many life situations that make wearing a metal wedding ring uncomfortable or even unsafe. In some jobs, wedding rings are outright banned. In these cases, a silicone wedding band allows you to continue to honor your marriage without the risk.

Why Silicone?

Our silicone weddings rings are made of medical grade, hypo-allergenic, non-porous, non-conductive premium silicone rubber. They are strong and durable, and are easy to put on or take off. Below, we focus on the circumstances that make a silicone band a better choice than a traditional ring.

Dangerous to you – We’ve seen some nasty pictures of a poor soul who had their ring ripped from their finger. And let’s just say it wasn’t only the ring that came off. This can happen if the ring gets caught on something. It can easily get stuck on your knuckle, and it won’t break before your finger does.

Anyone who works with electricity or extreme heat must also avoid wearing a metal ring, since the metal is such a good conductor. A silicone wedding band is designed to break before you are injured, and won’t conduct heat or electricity. This makes it a safer choice for on-the-job.

Dangerous to your ring – An active lifestyle can be tough on your ring – think the bottom of your ring or the stones scraping against rocks or weights. Many household cleaners can eat away at a ring or damage gemstones over time. Whether your work or your play harms traditional wedding rings, the durability of silicone will stand up to it.

Additionally, honeymooners and travelers often worry about losing their rings while abroad. Put your mind at ease and enjoy your trip. If you still lose your silicone wedding band, that’s okay! The company we work with has a lifetime guarantee that includes loss.

Simply uncomfortable – Fingers swollen from pregnancy can make your wedding ring too small. You don’t want to risk needing it cut off, but you don’t want your finger to go naked.

During a weight loss journey, your ring size may decrease and you run the risk of losing your ring. But if you anticipate your weight continuing to change, you may not want to get it sized down just yet. In both the approve cases, silicone wedding rings offer an affordable solution until your finger reaches a stable size.

Swollen or painful joints from conditions like arthritis make metal rings difficult or even painful to wear. There are a variety of alterations that can be made to make a ring easier to wear, but a silicone ring is the simplest and least expensive option.Silicone Wedding Rings

Who can benefit from silicone wedding rings?

  • Farmers
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbers
  • Athletes of any kind
  • Travelers & Honeymooners
  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Active Military
  • Pregnant Women
  • Housekeepers & Janitors
  • Anyone!

Stop in to pick out a silicone wedding band any time we’re open. Free with traditional wedding ring purchase!

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