6 Things to Know About Cleaning Jewelry

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6 Things to Know About Cleaning Jewelry

Some of the most common questions we get revolve around cleaning jewelry. In this post, we tackled your queries about how to make your jewelry sparkle.

Q: How often should I clean my jewelry?

Cleaning jewelry can be done as often as it needs. For items worn regularly, it would be reasonable to clean it as often as once a week or more, especially for pieces exposed to lotion, dirt, etc.

Haven’t cleaned your ring since you got married? Don’t worry, it also won’t hurt your jewelry to only clean it as often as you want it to look special (but you probably want to bring it to get serviced).

Q: Can I clean my jewelry at home?

Yes. Use a soft toothbrush and dish soap, like Dawn, to scrub your jewelry all over, inside and out. Rinse thoroughly. This is safe for all stones; some stones like pearl and opal should not be soaked.

Q: What about jewelry cleaning kits?

Special kits are fine, but care must be taken. Some solutions are very aggressive and if you leave the jewelry in the cleaning kit for two long, it may begin to damage the piece.

Q: How often should I bring my jewelry to a jeweler?

Rings and bracelets should be brought in at least once a year, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to bring them in more often if you wear them every day. Pendants and earrings are not subject to the same level of wear, so it is not as critical.

Q: Do you clean jewelry?

Absolutely! We offer a basic clean while you wait, free of charge. You’ll be amazed by how bright your jewelry sparkles after this service.

Repolishing starts at $8, and bringing your jewelry back up to “factory spec,” including checking and tightening all the stones, starts at $35.

Q: What if I didn’t buy my jewelry from you?

That’s okay! We will still clean it for free, as well as provide any additional services that may be needed.

Do you still have questions about cleaning jewelry that we haven’t answered? Ask below in the comments or stop in and ask in person.

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